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Bonnie är på en långsemester i Asien. Naturligtvis hade hon och hennes familj bokat en dag på Shanghai Disney. Bonnie var vänlig nog att låta er få se ett par av hennes bilder.
Jag fick också dela hennes text med er.

Today we went to Shanghai Disneyland. I'm posting this from the perspective of a person having been to four Disney parks now--DL, WDW, Hong Kong DL and now Shanghai DL. It was the exact day of Chinese New Year, so we were expecting huge crowds. After about noon there were a lot of people, about like WDW on a weekday during the summer. We got there at opening (8:00am) and were able to do several rides before the bulk of the crowds hit. Because it was CNY there were extra celebrations such as drumming and a dragon dance, which I LOVED. There were adorable popcorn buckets which we all had to have (see photo). But there are some Chinese things that are there all the time, such as a tea house and some zodiac animal murals. They used a different Disney animal to represent the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The castle here is huge and is easily my favorite of all the park castles. It has a restaurant, Royal Banquet Hall, which we dined at. This was a character meal (royal Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy), but it was not nearly as good as the one at WDW. The castle also has a walk through "Once Upon a Time" adventure, where you view CGI scenes from Snow White. Main Street is small, but it is ADORABLE! My favorite Main Street of the parks I've been to. This park is very modern and there's a lot of CGI used. The pirates ride is FANTASTIC, nothing like the pirates rides at the other Disney parks. It's based on the movies and uses amazing technology to create a completely different ride. Another ride unique to this park is TRON. It reminded me a little of Rock N' Rollercoaster but you ride these motorcycle thingies where you straddle your ride vehicle and bend over the front of it. Very cool. We also loved the Alice in Wonderland maze, especially the tea party. Two rides I wanted to ride but didn't get to were Soarin' over the Horizon and the rapids ride. The lines got too long and they were out of fastpasses by the time we tried. The shows were in Mandarin, even the songs. At Hong Kong the speaking parts were in Cantonese but the songs were in English. Overall we were very impressed with Shanghai DL and had a wonderful day. There is a lot to see and do, and we wished we had booked a second day.

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