Pinocchio badrum


I ett inlägg i lördags: Musse Pigg gästsvit berättade jag om Jack Spence som skriver blogginlägg för min favoritsajt I hans förra hus hade han en gästsvit med Musse Pigg tema. 

Jack hade dessutom ett badrum med Pinocchio tema. Njut av bilderna nedan, det gör jag :) All text och alla bilder är från Jack Spence:s blogginlägg på

This first picture is an overall view of my current guest bath.

This next picture is a close-up of Pinocchio. The following photo is the ingenious way I figured out how to suspend and display him – from Mickey’s glove.

On the counter top I have several pictures and other related Pinocchio pieces.

These next several photos capture the pieces I’ve placed above the toilet. Cleo and Figaro are simple plush toys and Cleo has been placed in a cheap goldfish bowl.

On the opposite wall I have a number of 3D plates and pictures of other characters from the film. These pictures are nothing more than drawings I found in a child’s book. I framed these drawings with inexpensive frames and ready-cut matting I purchased at an art supply store.

I might be biased, put personally I think I’ve pulled off a classy bathroom using Disney characters.

People often ask me if Pinocchio is my favorite Disney character since I themed an entire room around him. Not really. I just fell in love with the marionette and had to figure out what to do with it.

Remember, when you wish upon a star, dreams come true.

Alla foton är privata och tillhör mig om inget annat anges. 

 Mia - Din Disneyexpert